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Stories, stories, stories.. history resonating down the ages. Passed from person to person, from father to son; our family trees could be hiding a historical figure Admiral Nelson, Florence
nightingale or even James VI of Scotland himself. One’s research can take you far and wide and discover amazing feats of bravery and courage. That’s what makes history so exciting, somewhere in our lineages could be hiding a pioneer of the modern world;
a hero of a dastardly fought campaign or a story of rags to riches millionaire.
In every generation is a story worth sharing. That was my call, after learning of my heritage I made a goal to learn all I could. History has fascinated me from an early age, I wrote about the titanic and the industrial revolution for my history projects at school. To hear my grandfather, talk about his war stories was what started me on the road to where I am today.

Tours of the borders for the enthusiastic traveler, who wishes to learn more about the history of borders. From stone age man right through to modern day!